Traditional Guesthouse Përmet

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Traditional Guesthouse in Përmet, is the model of dedication, sacrifice, to realize the dream of revitalizing the first house, as a destination of promoting the historical, cultural, and culinary values of the area with the aim of preserving the hospitable tradition in harmony with nature. The Calmness, splendors view of Vjosa valley, and hospitality are […]
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Agroturizëm Vinea

  • Additional Farm Experience, Agroturizëm Vinea, Durres, Vinea
Argritourism Vinea is a diversified farm originating from the famous cantina of “Cognac Skënderbeu”. This Argritourism was born as a project promoted by Slow Food movement. The Argritourism is surrounded by soft hills and a crown of vineyards of 45 ha composing a wonderful and attracting landscape. The grape is processed in our cantina producing […]
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Rambuje Resort

  • Additional Farm Experience, Lezhe, Rambuje Resort
Situated in Ishull-Lezhë, 1.5 km from Kune Beach, Hotel Rambuje features accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and a bar. Boasting family rooms, this property also provides guests with a children’s playground. The accommodation provides room service, a kids’ club and all rooms are fitted with air conditioning, a […]
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Poçeria e Vjetër

  • Additional Farm Experience, Kavaje, Poceria e Vjeter
Between 1920 and 1990, Poçeria e Vjetër was once a crockery workshop. In 2014 it upgraded to a restaurant when you can still see pieces of history. Near the restaurant you can visit Bashtova Castel, a very interesting tourist attraction. Poçeria e Vjetër is constantly supporting local farmers, that’s why you will always find fresh […]
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Devin Agritourism

  • Additional Farm Experience, Devin Agritourism, Puka
Devin Agritourism Farm is located in a two-story villa in Qerret Village. This is one of those places where the visitor can truly have a taste of village life.The second floor of the guesthouse is a warm space used for accommodating guests. Three rooms equipped with two beds and individual bathrooms offer all the necessary […]
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Birjani Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Brijani Farm, Restaurants, Tirana
You can find Birjani Farm in Baldushk village, 18km from Tirana. The farm has a total surface of 8ha, from which 2.5 are vineyards and the rest are planted with olives and fruits such as apples, pomegranates, quinces, plums, cherries, figs etc. 2000 square meters are dedicated only to barns for farm animals. You can […]
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Max Winery

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Leskovik, Max Winery, Winery
A powerful red wine from the Leskovik area! Max Mavrud winery is located in the mountainous area in south-east Albania in Leskovik. Currently the winery produce a type of red wine, a harmonious blend, a combination of red cultivars such as Mavrud and Merlot or Pinot and Merlot. The average load of vineyard varies from […]
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Turtle Farm Albania

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Restaurants, Tirana, Turtle Farm Albania
Turtle Farm Albania, as its name implies focuses on turtle protection and offers a unique experience. The founders of the Farm are the tour guide Erjan Guxha, and the American blogger David Hoffman (David’s been here). Turtle Farm Albania offers agricultural education for children and adults. The idea was conceived of during a tour of […]
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Chestnut Hill

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bajram Curri, Chestnut, Farms, Hill, Kodra e Geshtenjave, Restaurants
Chestnut Hill Hotel is located in Velisht at 1000 metres elevation, 10 kilometres away from Bajram Curri, Tropoja. It height gives it an amazing view over highlands, above the crown of chestnuts. In addition to numerous nearby attractions, we offer recreational and adventure activities such as hiking (including to glacial lakes and peaks over 2000m), […]
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  • Additional Farm Experience, Bonum, Farms, Restaurants, Tirana
The passion of Bonum staff is to offer healthy and delicious products to our customers. The farm is focused on the production of goat milk and goat milk products, with the aim of offering consumers healthy alternatives to other products on the market. Bonum Farm was established in 2015, whereas the Bonum brand was commercialized […]
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Baven-Toven Naturae

  • Additional Farm Experience, Baven-Toven Naturae, Farms, Restaurants, Rubik
Baven-Toven Naturae dates back to 2018, set up with by a young man with lots of passion, who, after finishing his studies in Italy and Spain, decided to return to his country to work. He left his promising professional life behind to be with his mother and grandmother, who lived alone for many years. This […]
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The Barrels – Te Fuçitë Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Gjirokaster, Restaurants, The Barrels Farm
The Barrels Farm is located in the most fertile region of Southern Albania – that of Lunxhëria. Its activity started with the cultivation of grapes 16 years ago with local varieties. It offers traditional Albanian and other organic food, including as wine, raki (similar to grappa), eggs, vinegar, olive oil, vegetables, wild cabbage, fruits, which […]
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Green Hill Agritourism

  • Additional Farm Experience, Berat, Farms, Green Hill Agritourism, Restaurants
Green Hill is located on a new farm, which recently expanded into agritourism during a very difficult period – that of August 2020. The farm is located in the midst of olive groves, with its restaurant in the village of Roshnik just 5 km away from the city of Berat. Its owner is very passionate […]
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Tresa Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Restaurants, Tirana, Tresa Farm
Located in deep in wild, natural surroundings, Tresa Farm’s mission is to serve its guests just as warm as the surrounding environment! It features a vintage style, which meshes well with the other objects, giving it a one-of-a-kind appearance that every visitor will remember. The menu combines traditional and modern cuisine and is cooked only […]
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Miqësia Winery

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Miqesia Winery, Shkoder, Winery
Miqesia Winery (Friendship Winery) is located in Malësia e Madhe, in vicinity of Koplik. The winery uses a combination of traditional and advanced technology to produce wine and brandy. The wines are produced entirely from grapes, which, after being collected from the vineyards, are processed under the aegis of the very experienced oenologist Dr. Enver […]
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Luadhi Çelos Agritourism

  • Additional Farm Experience, Celo, Farms, Luadhi i Çelos Agritourism, Pogradec, Restaurants
Luadhi i Çelos (Çelo’s Meadow) is located on a picturesque hill above Lake Pogradec with 260 hectares of crops, trees, stables and a wonderful climate. This farm welcomes holidaymakers by offering a tour guide and letting them take part in agricultural activities, a walk on the “Luadhi i Çelos” path, or participate in the farm […]
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Loka Agritourism

  • Additional Farm Experience, Kruje, Loka Agritourism
Loka Agritourism is a family business, located in the middle of the gentle hills of Bubq village. The road to get there is very picturesque. Only 40 minutes away from Tirana, you will find yourself in a hilly paradise, with enticing farm architecture and a unique experience. The owners of the farm produce everything there, […]
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ACA Albania

  • Aca Albania, Additional Farm Experience, Durres
ACA Albania offers a very special dimension of agro tourism, not in green hills, but near the blue sea. ACA Albania offers fishing. Accommodation is offered on the boat, which has a capacity of 8. Visitors will be entertained fishing and can enjoy their catch on the shores upon anchoring. Tourists here find a unique […]
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Lika Guesthouse

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bujtina Lika, Farms, Lika, Puke
Lika Guesthouse opened in 2018. Because there is little space for accommodation, most activity consists of receiving groups of visitors for lunch at the guesthouse table. The guesthouse welcomes visitors with local natural food produced on the farm, or from surrounding farmers. Apart from local points of interest (such as Oreve Cave, Kuzhnen and Terbuni […]
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Agora Farmhouse

  • Additional Farm Experience, Agora Farm House, Farms, Restaurants, Shkoder
Agora Farmhouse is a family enterprise which has been operating for 2 years, including 2 hectares of lakeside fields and 2.5 hectares of surrounding woods. The restaurant is found next to a dedicated camping area, in addition to 4 rooms by the lake. In addition to the lake, one van visit attractions such as Sarda […]
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Kantina Famlijare Shehi

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Kantina Famlijare Shehi, Shehi, Tirana, Winery
The Shehi Farm, in Farka, was established by five families in 1999 on 8 hectares of agricultural land, of which 3 hectares were destined for viticulture. As an old tradition of the Farka area, a former agricultural enterprise, with 2 hectares of olive trees, 2 hectares of orchards, livestock for domestic needs, the family has […]
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Lugina e Agrumeve

  • Additional Farm Experience, Lugina e Agrumeve, Restaurants, Sarande
The farm is focused on the production of seasonal fruits and vegetables, with particular focus on organic products. The most common products come from citrus fruits, which are offered in the restaurant. In addition to food, it offers a farm tour and participation in agricultural activities for tourists.
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Agro Isaku

  • Additional Farm Experience, Agro Isaku, Delvine, Farms, Restaurants, Winery
Agro Isaku, operates as an Agricultural Cooperation Company (ACC), thanks to cooperation with the ISAK winery and its activity is exercised in the same facilities. On-farm activities, in addition to the restaurant, include wine tasting experiences. Further to wine and raki tasting, customers have the opportunity to visit vineyards and greenhouses. The farm also raises […]
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The Mussel House

  • Additional Farm Experience, Fish, Mussles, Restaurants, Sarande, Shtepia e Midhjeve
This business is focused on the cultivation of mussels in Butrint Lake. This is a family business launched more than 20 years ago, making up one of the most important producers and suppliers of mussels in the country, supplying the largest seafood warehouses in Tirana and Durrës. In 2017 their restaurant by the Butrint Lake […]
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Kantina & Ferma Dukati

  • Additional Farm Experience, Dukat, Dukati, Dukati, Farms, Restaurants, Vlore, Winery
Dukati Farm started as a farm, then turned into a winery around 1993. From the beginning, its growth has been gradual thanks to the daily work by the family, reaching today a total area of 10 ha. The product that stands out the most is the grape, grown in the vineyard, but other crops, such […]
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Kantina Vila Hadaj

  • Additional Farm Experience, Berat, Farms, Restaurants, Vila Hadaj, Winery
Villa Hadaj Winery is located in Malinat, 17 km from the town of Berat, built between the vineyards of the famous area of Malinat. A distinct feature of the winery is that it is located in nature, away from noise and pollution, among vineyards that have flourished since 1970. Built with stone walls, according to […]
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Kantina Kallmeti

  • Additional Farm Experience, Kallmet, Kantina Kallmeti, Lezhe, Restaurants, Winery
The winery is located in the village of Kallmet, 11 km north of the town of Lezha, 18 km from the coast of Shëngjin and 55 km from Tirana. The winery can be visited every day of the week by visitors and organized groups, from 9:00 to 18:00. Organized groups must provide at least 2 […]
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Hani i Lekës

  • Additional Farm Experience, Guest House, Hani i Lekes, Lezhe, Restaurants
Since this farm stay is located in a mountainous area, there is much space for livestock raising. Sheep, pigs and chickens are bred here and allow the farm to offer meat, cheese, eggs, and other products. The main tourist attraction is the Church of Saint Ndou, about 400 years old, and the Franciscan Assembly – […]
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Oazi Fishtë

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Fishte, Lezhe, Oazi Fishte, Restaurants
Traditional cooking, with village products! This farm offers many of the most beautiful attractions nature has blessed us with. The kitchen offers a variety of dishes which have been passed down through generations and are authentic to the area, in particular, wild duck and cabbage with pumpkin. In addition to the natural surroundings, the main […]
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Oazi Gjelbër

  • Additional Farm Experience, Gjelber, Lezhe, Oazi Gjelber
The farm, characteristic the area, was modest at first. Due to the quality of the products and the food produced, the owners decided to share this experience with other people too, and what could be better than a restaurant to realise this. This is how the Green Oasis was given life in 2014; the name […]
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Hylli i Dritës

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Hylli i Drites, Lezhe, Restaurants
The owner’s idea to invest in Albania and in their ancestors’ land was the first stimulus for setting up a simple restaurant with fresh local products. Later on, setting up the farm came as a result of a high demand for products from the Zadrima area, which are very rich, tasty and healthy. Favourites are […]
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Shporta e Reçit

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Rec, Restaurants, Shkoder, Shporta e Reçit
Reci’s Basket is a farm built in the area of Rec of Malesia e Madhe. The restaurant has a menu with regional products, with meat products predominating. The restaurant is located near the Chestnut Forest, which is a perennial chestnut forest of about 400 hectares. From there you can visit many tourist attractions, such as […]
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Rruga e Mullirit

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Mulli, Restaurants, Rruga e Mullirit, Shkoder
The farm was established to serve tourists who visit the area. Here organic food from the farm and the area, as well as traditional cuisine, are offered. Common to the area are the chestnuts from the forest of Rec’s chestnuts. The farm offers three double rooms. Visitors can visit the nearby Pigeons’ Cave, the Castle […]
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Kulla e Hupit

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bulqize, Farms, Kulla e Hupit, Restaurants
With 7 years of work experience in Crete, Greece, the owners returned with a dream to turn the old defensive tower of their ancestors into a guesthouse. Here I started testing with every foreign tourist who passed on the national road. And they chose our tower to visit. The first years we had a lot […]
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Bujtina Shtini

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bujtina Shtini, Guest House, Peshkopi, Restaurants, Shtini
The guesthouse offers two rooms. In the kitchen traditional dishes of the area are offered, cooked with organic products from the farm. The most characteristic dishes are beans, corn pie, and fli. In addition to the farm, tourists can also visit tourist attractions of the area, such as religious buildings (mosques), Hartina cave. The farm […]
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Oxhaku i Doçit

  • Additional Farm Experience, Docit, Farms, Oxhaku i Doçit, Peshkopi, Restaurants
The guesthouse is located in the Lura field (old Lure) and has been operating for 4 years, offering three rooms. Food for visitors is also on offer, all three meals with a hearty Albanian breakfast. Characteristic is the cultivation of trout, and seasonal and dried wild fruits. Hiking guide services can be provided and from […]
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Marku Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Ferma Marku, Marku, Restaurants, Shkoder
The farm operates as a family farm and also offers two rooms. Local food is offered, with local produce, vegetables and fruits, all from the farm. The local municipality has numerous special attractions, such as the fields of Zadrina, Hajmel Mountain, the Castle of Saint Mark, the Church of Vau i Dejës, the Lake of […]
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Shega Agritourism

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Restaurants, Shega Agritourisem, Shkoder
SHEGA Agriculture is a family farm. The family has been working in the fruit and vegetable sector for 30 years. Thirty natural products are offered from fruits and vegetables to various natural juices. The farm offers many activities inside and outside the farm, such as cooking inside the farm and guides outside it. Traditional local […]
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Ferma Lëpusha

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bajram Curri, Farms, Ferma Lepusha, Guest House, Lepusha
This is a family farm where organic products are produced, offered for consumption in the farm guesthouse. A local product is mishavina. The farm offers 6 rooms and has nearby  tourist attractions. In the village there is have a local festival called Logu i Bjeshkeve.  
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Pumpkins Albania

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Pumpkins Albania, Restaurants, Shkoder
Pumpkins Albania offers everything about pumpkins, from planting to decoration or consumption. The farm restaurants offer many pumpkin-focused products and recreational activities for children.
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Bujtina Pulaj

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bujtina Pulaj, Farms, Guest House, Pulaj, Shkoder
In its beginnings, this house was started as a residential house, following local architecture. Local rural development, in the form of agricultural and livestock production, fisheries and tourism, in the area where the house is located, depends heavily on the use of natural resources within the Protected Area. The 3B Guesthouse Model (Bed & Breakfast […]
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Marku Agritourism

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Marku Agritourism, Restaurants, Shkoder
The farm was built in 2019 and many seasonal fruits and vegetables are produced here, mostly Plums, olives and pomegranates. Currently with two rooms, more will be added. The food on offer is almost all from the farm. The activities offered start from the harvest, to fruit processing, to cooking traditional dishes of the area […]
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Kantina Kopliku

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Kantina Kopliku, Kopliku, Kruje, Restaurants, Winery
The winery was built in 2003 and began operation in 2013. The main products are white wine and red wine. It also features a restaurant where guests can relax and have lunch with their families. There are also vineyards nearby where you can learn about grapes and practice harvesting. Kallmet is a common regional grape. […]
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Bujtina Gjana

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bujtina Gjana, Farms, Gjana, Guest House, Kukes, Restaurants
Gjana Guesthouse is located in Ujmisht, Lume region. It is 22 km from the town of Kukës, along the recently asphalted road connecting Kukës with Dibra. The guesthouse is located at an altitude of about 700 m and from there one is provided with a wide view from where one can see the heights of […]
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Birbil Gjoça

  • Additional Farm Experience, Birbil Gjoca, Farms, Gjirokaster, Restaurants
The activity of the farm started in 1992. During these years the farm has been offering activities both during winter and summer; during summer they serve as guides for mountains in the Gjirokaster area. The food is from the farm itself and the meat is 100% organic. In the winter fresh dairy products, which come […]
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Graçi Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Ferma Graci, Gjirokaster, Graci, Restaurants
Graçi Farm has been operating since 2016, when it started offering accommodation through Gjirokaster Camping. Meanwhile, the origin of the farm dates back in 2001, when the vineyard and fruit trees were given life. In this farm produce red wine and raki are processed in a traditional way, which has been improved with the experience […]
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Sali Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Ferma Sali, Permet, Restaurants, Ssil
Sali’s Farm opened in 2015. The inspiration to open such business came about as a result of some workshops that its owner has attended in agrotourism and as a local guide, in the context of which he trained and traveled across Albania and abroad. As a participant he had was able to exchange experiences on […]
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Grand Albanik Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Grand Albanik Farm, Kelcyre, Outdoor Activities, Restaurants
The Grand Albanik Farm offers agro and eco-tourist activities and has been operating in the Deshnica Valley in Këlcyrë, Gjirokastra County, for more than 3 years. The farm applies the principles of permaculture in horticulture and protects and enriches biodiversity. On the farm, there is a bar and restaurant that mainly offer traditional cuisine of […]
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Lord Byron

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Lord Byron, Restaurants, Tepelene
Lord Byron is spread over an area of ​​18000 m2, with a restaurant seating for 50 inside seating for 100 outside. It offers 9 rooms, with a capacity of 24 people. Lord Byron also offers outdoor recreation, pool facilities, a riverside beach, and clients can taste numerous garden fruits and vegetables, all of which are […]
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Xharshë Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Ferma Xharshe, Guest House, Korce, Restaurants, Xharshe
Xharshë Farm and Guesthouse is a small family enterprise established back in 2004, with the guesthouse opening in 2016. The farm (with a total area of ​​5,000 m2) is located in Pocesta, in a village northwest of Korça, 7 km away, while the guesthouse is located in Korça. The idea of ​​the farm was generated […]
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Joen Village

  • Additional Farm Experience, Elbasan, Farms, Joen Village
JOEN Village was established on 12 December 2019, and the small village, as the owner calls it, contains 10 rooms. The foods offered come from their own produce, including onions, peas, potatoes, carrots, and fruits like pears and plums. The fun here is multi-fold, starting from various ball games, bike rides, motor biking or hiking, […]
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BioFarm Gramsh

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bio Farm Gramsh, Farms, Gramsh, Restaurants
The Bio Farm is an agro tourism complex offering a spectacular view and unique services starting from the bar and the restaurant with 100% organic food produced on the farm, such as daily products, vegetables, fruits, meat and more. The guesthouse has 10 rooms, as well as camping and outdoor sports.
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Zejtaria Agritourism

  • Additional Farm Experience, Cerrik, Guest House, Restaurants, Zejtaria Agritourism
This restaurant serves fresh traditional food. The guesthouse provides rooms overlooking the lake. Activities with boats, such as canoeing and speedboats are also offered. Tourists can visit the nearby farm where the restaurant’s products come from.
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Tre Bujtinat

  • Additional Farm Experience, Elbasan, Guest House, Tre Bujtinat
The Three Guesthouses (Tre Bujtinat), a restaurant and accommodation, are located in Gjinar near Elbasan. They lie at an altitude of 900 meters, between tall pines and fresh air. Relaxing facilities and cooking with fresh farm produce from the area will give you special pleasure. There are many tourist attractions in the area where the […]
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Bujtina Iliri

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bujtina Iliri, Elbasan, Guest House, Iliri
The farm is organised as a guesthouse. It provides accommodation, and food and beverages in the restaurant. Its owners are planning to build 6 to 10 rooms, where it will be possible for local tourists from surrounding cities and foreign tourist alike can relax. It will also have a swimming pool. Any food that will […]
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Deliu Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Deliu, Elbasan, Farms, Ferma Deliu, Restaurants
Since working in the tourism sector for several years as a tourist guide, the host got the idea of using the village house of their parents and developing a special type of tourism, family tourism, offering two rooms to sleep in. The produce produced is all from the garden or from other villagers, trying to […]
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Çermenika Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Cermenika, Cermenika Farm, Elbasan, Farms, Restaurants
Cermenika FARM is a family business of the Cekoja Family, located in the village of Qerret in Elbasan. It is a traditional house with accommodation for up to 10 people. With tents, up to 20 people can be accommodated. The farm also owns a backpackers hostel in the city of Elbasan as well as undertaking […]
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Peped’oro Bioresort

  • Additional Farm Experience, Durres, Farms, Pepe Doro, Pepedoro, Pepedoro Bioresort, Restaurants
The agritourism activity starts from the hotel, offering 13 bedrooms and 3 suites, a restaurant, bar, pool and stables and barns with horses, rabbits, peacocks, pheasants, pigeons, calves, goats, sheep and many other birds. Next to the barn is a reservoir where visitors can go canoeing. Nature gives peace of mind that only those who […]
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Hajdar Kuçi Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Durres, Farms, Ferma Hajdar Kuci, Hajdar, Hajdar Kuci, Restaurants
Hajdar Kuçi agritourism is focused on the well-known farm-to-table concept. This farm is located not far from the capital, in the village of Marikaj, between Tirana and Durrës. With a combination of the elements of nature, the farm is indeed an oasis of tranquillity and pleasure. It offers an organic environment, livestock, grape yards, olive […]
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Kantina Herta

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Herta, Kantina Herta, Restaurants, Tirana, Winery
Herta Winery is Hamdi Osmani’s family winery. Herta Winery started production first with a vineyard of 6 hectares, which today has been extended to 10 hectares. Shesh i Bardh, Shesh i Zi, Trebbiano, Merlot, Cabernet are some of the grape cultivars cultivated here. However, Herta Winery does not just offer good products, but a philosophy […]
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Kantina Kokomani

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Kantina Kokomani, Kokomani, Restaurants, Shijak, Winery
Kokomani Farm was initially established as a winery offering three types of wines to the Albanian market: Shesh i Zi, Shesh i Bardhe and Saint Michael (Shen Mhill). Receiving positive encouragement from customers for years, as well as first prizes received at fairs organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Kokomani began to offer other services […]
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Kantina Duka

  • Additional Farm Experience, Duka, Durres, Farms, Kantina Duka, Restaurants, Winery
Duka Winery was established in 2007 and the whole production cycle takes place here. Duka Winery provides its visitors with many services, such as wine tours, wine tasting, restaurant services, kayaking, fishing and others. The main products of the farm are the wines and traditional dishes of the area. Tourist attractions near the farm include […]
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Paja Agritourism

  • Additional Farm Experience, Agroturizem Paja, Cerrik, Farms, Paja, Restaurants
Paja Agritourism is located between Lake Seferan and the Belsh-Kucove road axis, where a series of services are offered. The history of Paja Agritourism began after 2004, after 11 years of experience in the field of tourism in Greece. The production and processing of grapes started with wine, brandy, jam, vinegar and compote. After that […]
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Popi Agritourism

  • Additional Farm Experience, Agroturizem Popi, Farms, Popi, Restaurants
Popi Restaurant was originally land between some hills, inaccessible as there were no roads, just dense forests. Mr Popi made access to the restaurant’s location possible, building the road and putting together a farm with a new concept for Albania. Everything on the farm, starting from the lake, the space dedicated to livestock, and agriculture, […]
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Pema e Jetës

  • Additional Farm Experience, Durres, Farms, Pema e Jetes, Restaurants
The Tree of Life farm is a family business that was born out the desire to get rid of the stresses and smog of the city and find refuge in pristine nature. Located only 2 km from the national Plepa-Ndroq road, the farm is very easily accessible from Tirana and Durres, at the intersection of […]
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Kantina Korriku

  • Additional Farm Experience, June, Kantina Korriku, Korriku, Kruje, Restaurants, Winery
Korriku Winery is located in Bubqi area, in the district of Kruja, between the triangle of Preza Castle, Kruja Castle and Rodon Cape Castle, local tourist attractions. The winery started producing wine from vineyards of the area, later expanding with a guesthouse traditional constructed to provide food and drinks to visitors. Red wine produced from […]
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Bardhi Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bardhi, Farms, Ferma Bardhi, Kruje, Restaurants
Bardhi Restaurant, established in 1994, is a place where Albanian architecture is given a modern twist. The restaurant is growing day by day and the motto is “continuous improvement.” Thanks to the professional team, Bardhi Farm will make you feel at home. The restaurant is located south west of the castle, just a few steps […]
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Blerina’s Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Blerina's Farm, Farms, Restaurants, Tirana
Blerina’s Farm is a small farm and restaurant which offers local, seasonal and traditionally cooked food. The owners’ goal is to bring customers closer to nature, as well as provide natural and healthy food, and allow visitors to enjoy the seasons and all the elements of an Albanian village, such as planting, livestock and handicrafts. […]
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Ferma e Artë

  • Additional Farm Experience, Arte, Farms, Ferma e Arte, Restaurants, Tirana
The Golden Farm raises many animals, such as chicken, geese, ducks, goats, sheep, and birds. In addition to the farm, the owner has set up a restaurant, which offers a very relaxing environment, with local farm products cooked by chef Airton Cela, who has vast experience both in the country and abroad. Many organic and […]
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Vaj Ulliri Subashi

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Subashi, Tirana, Vaj Ulliri Subashi
Subashi Olive Oil was established back in 2005. It produces olive oil, olive wood products, olive spices, soaps with olive oil, natural aromas, table olives, local teas, and more. Subashi organizes tasting tours and shows visitors how olive oil is produced, provides tours to get to know the area better and the olive groves in […]
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Lisat Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Lisat Farm, Restaurants, Tirana
The farm was established in 2013, and raises goats. The main purpose of establishing the farm was to produce organic products such as milk, yogurt, cheeses including kaçkavall and a type of cottage cheese and whey. A distinct feature of the farm is the roasting of the kid goat meat and chicken with a round […]
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Fustanella Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Fustanella Farm, Restaurants, Tirana
Three years ago, the Fustanella Farm founders, driven by a long held dream to establish an organic farm, saw the place where it is currently located. “The panorama leaves you breathless. From that day onwards for the next three years we thought only about Fustanella, what would be done with it, how would it come […]
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Bujtina Musaja

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bujtina Musaja, Farms, Horse Riding, Kukes, Musaja
This is small cow farm, producing dairy and other organic food products for the guesthouse. It is an old restore house turned into a guesthouse, allowing tourists to experience real village life. The guesthouse is located in the Korab–Koritnik National Park, an attraction of extraordinary natural beauty. Here cattle are raised; the local beef is […]
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Nano Bio Resort

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Hotels, Nano Bio Resort, Restaurants, Tirana
Nano Resort lies in a green space surrounded by forests and various plants, including numerous fruits, vegetables and decorative flowers. The wide variety of products is taken directly from the four large greenhouses located on the resort premises as well as from fields near the resort. The philosophy of Nano Resort is to be as […]
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Uka Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Restaurants, Tirana, Uka Farm, Winery
This is an agricultural farm with organic products with no pesticides. It is also a winery where wines are produced using local Albanian grape cultivars. It also features a restaurant where farm-to-table products are served to visitors. Uka Farm has already become a tourist attraction, as the entire farm offers scenic landscapes and plantations, where […]
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Vila-Shehi Winery & Agritourism

  • Additional Farm Experience, Restaurants, Shehi, Tirana, Vila-Shehi Winery & Agritourism, Winery
VILA-SHEHI Viticulture & Family Winery was established in 1994. The area where the winery and ancillary facilities are set up is that of a traditional grape and wine producing area. Visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with local grape varieties, such as shesh i bardhe and shesh i zi, to taste these wines in […]
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