Vila-Shehi Winery & Agritourism


VILA-SHEHI Viticulture & Family Winery was established in 1994. The area where the winery and ancillary facilities are set up is that of a traditional grape and wine producing area. Visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with local grape varieties, such as shesh i bardhe and shesh i zi, to taste these wines in the tasting room, accompanied by experiencing local products, such as nape – a similar to mozzarella, seasonal vegetables, antipasti, meat dishes, including veal from the farm, and similar. The landscape around the farm offers a relaxing view for visitors, and Lake Gjokaj, where one can enjoy fishing and coffee together, is located in close vicinity.
Visitors can buy wine products, such as red wine (shesh i zi), merlot, cabernet sauvignon, reserve, white wine (shesh i bardhe), grape brandy, Muscat raki (a kind of brandy), walnut raki, rose wine (Muscat), and more.

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