Bujtina Pulaj


In its beginnings, this house was started as a residential house, following local architecture. Local rural development, in the form of agricultural and livestock production, fisheries and tourism, in the area where the house is located, depends heavily on the use of natural resources within the Protected Area. The 3B Guesthouse Model (Bed & Breakfast & Bird Watching) is employed, a novel and good model, not only as a peaceful marriage of agritourism with the environment, but as an economic alternative extending the tourist season to all seasons. Breakfast with traditional products is offered in addition to ecological tours, and adventures in the whole northern region, including the Alps and the cross-border area of ​​Montenegro and Kosovo. One-day tours around the farm, included in “3B” package, can be organized.

Another novelty is the organization of farm-to-farm tours with other farms around Lake Shkodra, Rec, Guri i Zi, Puke, among others. The main motive of this project is the evaluation of ecological alternatives by tour operators, improving the coordination of activities for local development, as well as supporting the growth of the tourism sector through diversification of ecological products, thus extending the tourism season.

The guesthouse is currently in a restructuring and remodelling process, has 6 rooms currently, is surrounded by small farms of local farmers, whose produce are used to serve customers. Traditional agriculture without pesticides and small quantities are on offer. The guesthouse is located near the Velipoja Nature Reserve, 3 km away from the Buna Delta, and the Viluni Lagoon, an area offering a lot of ecological and adventure tourism. There are ample possibilities for hikes, or use of bicycles along the Buna River, and along a Shkodra–Dajc-Penatar-Cas-Rrjodhe-Rana e Hedhur-Lezha return itinerary.

The area is surrounded by nationally important cultural buildings, such as the Church of Shirq, Wells of Artezian Pulaj, Franz Joseph Island, Castle of Shkodra, and more. There are local and national religious and social events as well as product fairs, concerts, and local religious festivals.

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