Turtle Farm Albania


Turtle Farm Albania, as its name implies focuses on turtle protection and offers a unique experience. The founders of the Farm are the tour guide Erjan Guxha, and the American blogger David Hoffman (David’s been here). Turtle Farm Albania offers agricultural education for children and adults.

The idea was conceived of during a tour of Albania, when in every corner they travelled, they came across many turtles killed by cars. During the tour they collected all the turtles they found on the highways, about 15 of them, and accommodated them in their yard in Daias.

After the first 50 turtles were gathered, they decided to build a place for people who wanted to visit them. With 116 turtles collected, this is one of the most interesting attractions in the area, especially for children.

The farm also offers the opportunity to “adopt” a turtle: they will stay on the farm but “the foster parent” can come and visit at any time.

Turtle Farm Albania offers restaurant and bar service with a panoramic view. The food is organic with products grown on or near farm. On the farm we produce red and white wine, raki (similar to grappa), olive oil, and more. The typical dishes of the area include chicken with rice, homemade meatballs, pancakes, cheese, fig jam and more.

Hiking tours to six nearby villages and a jeep tours are also on offer.

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