Kulla e Hupit


With 7 years of work experience in Crete, Greece, the owners returned with a dream to turn the old defensive tower of their ancestors into a guesthouse. Here I started testing with every foreign tourist who passed on the national road. And they chose our tower to visit. The first years we had a lot of difficulties. We had many people calling us crazy. The years went by and we started to change for the better by adding tourists and investments with the savings of the salary in a gallery and a small shop in the city. One year we received support from the Ministry of Agriculture and AZHBR, approving a grand for the restoration of the venues. This increased the capacity to 8 rooms. The traditional food is cooked by the dwellers of the house. There are guides to Skanderbeg’s observation tower, too. The owners organise tours according to the wishes of the clients, including mountain bikes and horses and the hope for the future is to cooperate with the villagers of the area with their natural products. The opportunity for expert traditional cooking with the mother of the house, Sofi, as well as a great opportunity to take a walk to the Dushaj waterfall are on offer.

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