Vaj Ulliri Subashi


Subashi Olive Oil was established back in 2005. It produces olive oil, olive wood products, olive spices, soaps with olive oil, natural aromas, table olives, local teas, and more. Subashi organizes tasting tours and shows visitors how olive oil is produced, provides tours to get to know the area better and the olive groves in particular. It introduces visitors to the history of the area and of the olive grove, olive varieties, the age of the olives and more. Visitors will become well familiarized with the fauna and flora of the area, learn to recognize and collect edible green plants, edible flowers as well as spices and medicinal plants from the area. The food offered is particular to the area and related to the olive groves and is based on the season. The attractions of the area include the olive trees which are thousands of years old. Subashi is working to offer other service as well, such as to cook together different traditional recipes of the area with visitors. (We shall start providing this service in September 2020).

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