Kantina Kopliku

Shko te harta



The winery was built in 2003 and began operation in 2013. The main products are white wine and red wine. It also features a restaurant where guests can relax and have lunch with their families. There are also vineyards nearby where you can learn about grapes and practice harvesting. Kallmet is a common regional grape. Also, Lake Shkodra is nearby.

The vineyards were planted in 2000. In 8 hectares of land are 3 grape varieties: Kallmet, Barbera and Trebianno from which three varieties are produced. Construction of the winery started in 2001. Its construction lasted for four and a half years, which is all built with selected stones from Torovice. The first floor is focused on grape processing and wine storage. There is also a special room for wine tasting. On the second floor there is a traditional room, a bar and a veranda sharing a beautiful landscape of vineyards, as well as a view of Lake Shkodra to the west. The winery yard offers a large space with relaxing facilities where various activities can take place. Visitors can visit and take part in vineyard and winery activities year-round. Walks and hikes can be organized on Shkoder Lake, located 3 km away, reachable either on foot or by bicycle, as well as trips to visit various tourist spots in Malesia e Madhe. Traditional food, mainly meat, fish from Lake Shkodra and poultry from the farm, cooked in wood ovens, or on the grill, is on offer. At Kopliku Winery you can enjoy a glass of quality wine of the Kallmet variety (a renowned product of the farm) along with traditional food of the area.

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