Deliu Farm

Shko te harta



Since working in the tourism sector for several years as a tourist guide, the host got the idea of using the village house of their parents and developing a special type of tourism, family tourism, offering two rooms to sleep in.

The produce produced is all from the garden or from other villagers, trying to contribute to the development of the area through consuming local products. The dishes offered are local dishes. Taking advantage of the fruits of the garden, jam, compote and natural fruit juices are made. Common products include nettle pies, leek pies, wild plants pies (with seasonal plants, in spring with about 12 types of plants), chicken with rice, Elbasan casserole, chicken porridge and more.

The main attractions in the vicinity are five different sized lakes, located 1 km to 4 km away from the farm. Two karst caves are also a real attraction. For those who are passionate about hiking in nature, there are some interesting trails where hikers can walk in a mixture of pine, oak and chestnut forest.

In addition to the annual celebration organized by the Municipality of Elbasan, Funar Bio Fest, the farm also organize festivities for tourists with local musicians and folk music, in addition to organizing activities for children, mainly raising awareness about the importance of protecting nature and keeping it clean, camping and how to live in the countryside. Other activities include cycling, horseback riding, lake fishing and cooking workshops. The farm is in the preparatory phase of raising awareness of other villagers by training them how to host tourists. Deliu Family Tourism Farm is located in the village of Mollagjesh, about 25km from the city of Elbasan. The tranquillity and beauty of the area accompanied by the chirping and singing of birds add to the beauty of staying at the farm.

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