Peped’oro Bioresort

Shko te harta



The agritourism activity starts from the hotel, offering 13 bedrooms and 3 suites, a restaurant, bar, pool and stables and barns with horses, rabbits, peacocks, pheasants, pigeons, calves, goats, sheep and many other birds. Next to the barn is a reservoir where visitors can go canoeing. Nature gives peace of mind that only those who come to see the place can understand. The resort is located in the district of Kavaja, in a hilly village called Ballaj, 4 km away from the beach of Vil Bashtova. The village of Vil Bashtova is home to one of the few plain castles in Albania. In the restaurant farm products, for example, from self-made cheese and other dairy products from the milk of the cows, local eggs to make desserts and offer a breakfast full of flavour and protein. Bread, pasta and desserts come from the resorts own wheat and corn flour and vegetables and the meat come from the farm.

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