Bujtina Gjana

Shko te harta



Gjana Guesthouse is located in Ujmisht, Lume region. It is 22 km from the town of Kukës, along the recently asphalted road connecting Kukës with Dibra. The guesthouse is located at an altitude of about 700 m and from there one is provided with a wide view from where one can see the heights of Lura, the mountains surrounding Gjalica and the mountains and hills approaching Korab. Ujmishti is part of the Bajrak of Tejdrina, one of the seven Bajraks of Lume, today part of the administrative organization of the Municipality of Kukës.

Ujmishti is known in the history of Lume for local traditions, being important in liberation battles and as a place from where famous people have come from through the centuries, ranging from Mahmut Pashe Rrotulla to Muharrem Bajraktari. The guesthouse is a reconstruction of the tower built in the first half of the last century by Idriz Jemini, the son of Jemin Sul Gjana, known as one of the leading leaders of Luma in the anti-Ottoman and anti-Serbian battles fought in this area.

The Gjana family came to Ujmisht about 280 to 300 years ago from Buze Uji i Shkodres, today part of the Great Mountain. First Catholic, the family converted to Islam and originally settled on the border between Ujmisht and Fan of Mirdita, and after changing settlements four time, settled where they are today somewhere around the end of the 1800s. The river is in its entirety one of the least explored territories in Albania and it is worth exploring given its history and tradition, as well as for the natural surroundings and close ties with Kosovo, with which they have shared traditions, trade and wars over the centuries.

A distinct feature of the guesthouse is its hospitality, Kukës traditions, with regional products, the farm and rooms, and different activities, such as hikes in different paths of the area.

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