Chestnut Hill

Shko te harta



Chestnut Hill Hotel is located in Velisht at 1000 metres elevation, 10 kilometres away from Bajram Curri, Tropoja. It height gives it an amazing view over highlands, above the crown of chestnuts. In addition to numerous nearby attractions, we offer recreational and adventure activities such as hiking (including to glacial lakes and peaks over 2000m), skiing, cave exploration (spelunking), 4×4 adventures and more.

Our restaurant offers a combination of traditional and modern cuisine, made only of local organic products, offering a new cuisine to visitors. The chestnut is offered to our customers not just as a fruit, but as a new way of cooking and processing. Our chef’s 35 years of experience in Albania and throughout Europe can be seen in the chestnuts varied use in meat dishes, salads, sauces and cakes. The farm can currently host 12 people in 6 rooms, where you’ll find something for all budgets.


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