Luadhi Çelos Agritourism

Shko te harta



Luadhi i Çelos (Çelo’s Meadow) is located on a picturesque hill above Lake Pogradec with 260 hectares of crops, trees, stables and a wonderful climate.

This farm welcomes holidaymakers by offering a tour guide and letting them take part in agricultural activities, a walk on the “Luadhi i Çelos” path, or participate in the farm work. Here you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the village, meet the farmers and to talk to and exchange with local artisans.

As one of the largest farms offering overnight trips, here you will find only organic products, such as grains used for winter pastries, as well as a rich variety of dishes and other local products offered to visitors at the farm restaurant. The farm’s products are excellent quality, sold both here and in organic food shops in Tirana.

Its unique style, natural surroundings, geographical location, and local products make this visiting this farm an unforgettable experience.

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