Pema e Jetës

Shko te harta



The Tree of Life farm is a family business that was born out the desire to get rid of the stresses and smog of the city and find refuge in pristine nature. Located only 2 km from the national Plepa-Ndroq road, the farm is very easily accessible from Tirana and Durres, at the intersection of the highway connecting north and south Albania. It cultivates many kinds of fruit trees, vineyards, olives and vegetables often found in the Mediterranean. In addition, here cattle, pigs, geese, ducks, chickens, and pigeons are raised. Every agricultural and livestock product that is processed on the farm, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, pastries, pastry products are prepared fresh every day and served directly at the restaurant. Visitors can collect crops from the gardens and plots to eat at the restaurant or in their own house. Children enjoy visiting stables or pet houses, or playing in the play areas. At all times they are accompanied by the staff. Finally, “A day in the life of a farmer,” where every individual or family can choose to spend a day of work, entertainment and relaxation with the staff in daily agricultural or livestock activities is also offered. The pride of the farm is the Goji plant, after which the farm is named. Goji or wolfberry is a fruit that has great antioxidant powers. On this farm over 200 roots, herbs and spices are cultivated and they are used in their dishes.

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