Kantina & Ferma Dukati

Shko te harta



Dukati Farm started as a farm, then turned into a winery around 1993. From the beginning, its growth has been gradual thanks to the daily work by the family, reaching today a total area of 10 ha. The product that stands out the most is the grape, grown in the vineyard, but other crops, such as olives, pomegranates and various trees, accompanied by some chickens and sheep, are also to be found.
The farm lies in the Dukat plain, 3 km from the sea, on a red rocky soil, with constant sunshine and under the influence of interchanging air currents, during daytime from the sea and during night time from Llogora Mountain. These very favourable climatic conditions for plants, accompanied by organic fertilizer, constitute the basic elements for organic products such as wine, raki, olives and olive oil, pomegranates and other fruit, vegetables, eggs, medicinal plants, and more. All the above products are served in various environments among natural greenery.

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