Nano Bio Resort


Nano Resort lies in a green space surrounded by forests and various plants, including numerous fruits, vegetables and decorative flowers. The wide variety of products is taken directly from the four large greenhouses located on the resort premises as well as from fields near the resort. The philosophy of Nano Resort is to be as close as possible to nature, through healthy, inspected organic products. In the large green space everyone is offered the opportunity to relax and feel at home. The natural surroundings and freshness of the food as well as of course the location allow visitors to feel as if they are in a village.
Here various livestock are bred, starting from alpine goats, sheep, cows, continuing with rabbits and local and wild birds, which visitors can enjoy at the restaurant, serving organic food, including honey. The cooking is a New Albanian, a novel combination. At Nano Resort children have their own playground corner and plenty of space to play while being safe.
It also provides accommodation as well as private halls for parties, and houses indoor and outdoor facilities with different spaces for organizing events.

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