Te Kiço

  • Camping, Hiking Trails, Ionian Sea, Kico, South Albania, Southern Costal Trail, Te Kiço
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Ksamil Caravan Camping

  • Camping, Cravan, Hiking Trails, Ionian Sea, Ksamil, Ksamil Caravan Camping, Sea Side, South Albania, Southern Costal Trail
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Camping Ecuador

  • Butrint Tours, Camping, Camping Ecuador, Ecuador, Hiking Trails, Ionian Sea, Sea Side, Southern Costal Trail
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  • Camping, Hiking Trails, Ionian Sea, South Albania, Southern Costal Trail, StarCamp
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Camping Vumlo

  • Camping, Camping Vumlo, Ionian Sea, Sea Side, South Albania, Southern Costal Trail, Vumlo
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Camping Kranea

  • Camping Kranea, Fishing, Ionian Side, Kayaking, Kranea, Paddling, Sea Side, South Albania, Southern Costal Trail
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Camping Livadh

  • Camping, Camping Livadh, Hiking Trails, Ionian Sea, Livadh, Sea Side, Southern Costal Trail
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The Sea Turtle Camping

  • Camping, Diving, Ionian Sea, Paragliding, Sea, Sea Side, Sea Turtle, Southern Costal Trail, The Sea Turtle Camping, Turtle
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Camping Peshku

  • Albania, Camping, Camping Peshku, Fish, Guest House, Lake, Lake Ohrid, Lin Village, Ohrid, Peshku, Saint Naum
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Camping Çajupi

  • Cajupi, Camping, Camping Çajupi, Gjirokastra, Guest House, Hiking, River Side, Unesco, Zagori Church
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Albturist EcoCamp

  • Albturist, Albturist EcoCamp, Camping, EcoCamp, Guest House, Hiking, Permet, Rafting Tours, River Side, Vjosa River
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Camping Hoxha

  • Camping, Camping Hoxha, Dibra, Drin River, Guest House, Hiking, Hiking Trails, Hoxha, Mountain, North
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Butterfly Camping

  • Butterfly, Butterfly Camping, Camping, Dibra, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Hiking Trails, Horse Riding, Mountain, North
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Peraj Guesthouse

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Camping, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Hiking Trails, Kelmend, Mountain, North, Peraj, Peraj Guesthouse, Vermosh
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Leonar Lumaj Guesthouse

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Camping, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Hiking Trails, Leonar, Leonar Lumaj, Leonar Lumaj Guesthouse, North
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Lepusha Guesthouse

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Camping, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Hiking Trails, Kelmend, Lepusha, Lepusha Guesthouse, North, Vermosh, Waterfall
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Camping Kale Uka

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Camping Kale Uka, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Hiking Trails, Kale Uka, Mountain, North, Valbona Valley
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Camping Qehaja

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Camping Qehaja, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Hiking Trails, Mountain, North, Qehaja, Theth
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Camping Adora

  • Adora, Albanian alps, Alps, Camping, Camping Adora, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Mountain, North, Shala river, Valbona Valley
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Camping Ded Nika

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Camping, Camping Ded Nika, Ded, Ded Nika, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking Trails, Mountain, Nderlysaj, North, Theth, Theth's Church
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Shpella Guesthouse

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Camping, Grunasi Waterfall, Guesthouse, Hiking tours, Hiking Trails, Mountain, North, Shpella, Shpella Guesthouse, Theth, Theth's Church
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Bujtina Zorgji

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Bujtina Zorgji, Camping, Ethnographic Museum, Guest House, Guesthouse, Mountain, North, Theth, Zorgji
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Logu i Harushave

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Grunasi Waterfall, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Logu i Harushave, Mountain, North, Northen Albania, Theth, Theth's Church
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Guesthouse Kukaj

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Camping, Guesthouse, Guesthouse Kukaj, Hiking Trails, Kukaj, Mountain, North, Valbona, Valbona Valley
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Eco camping Valbone

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Cycling tours, Eco camping Valbone, Guest House, Guesthouse, Harushave, Hiking tours, Mountain, North, Valbona, Valbona Valley
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Demushi Guesthouse

  • Alps, Camping, Demushi, Demushi Guesthouse, Guesthouse, Hiking tours, Mountain, North, Valbona, Valbona Valley, Waterfall
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Kol Gjoni Guesthouse

  • Alps, Camping, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking tours, Horse Riding, Kol Gjioni, Mountain, North, Valbona Valley, White river
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Park Blini

  • Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Koman, Lumi Shales, North, Park Blini, River, Shala river
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Hotel Alpini

  • Alpini, Budac, Guesthouse, Hiking, Hotel, Kelmend, Lepushe, Malesi, North, Shkoder
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Agroturizëm Vinea

  • Additional Farm Experience, Agroturizëm Vinea, Durres, Vinea
Argritourism Vinea is a diversified farm originating from the famous cantina of “Cognac Skënderbeu”. This Argritourism was born as a project promoted by Slow Food movement. The Argritourism is surrounded by soft hills and a crown of vineyards of 45 ha composing a wonderful and attracting landscape. The grape is processed in our cantina producing […]
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Rambuje Resort

  • Additional Farm Experience, Lezhe, Rambuje Resort
Situated in Ishull-Lezhë, 1.5 km from Kune Beach, Hotel Rambuje features accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and a bar. Boasting family rooms, this property also provides guests with a children’s playground. The accommodation provides room service, a kids’ club and all rooms are fitted with air conditioning, a […]
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Poçeria e Vjetër

  • Additional Farm Experience, Kavaje, Poceria e Vjeter
Between 1920 and 1990, Poçeria e Vjetër was once a crockery workshop. In 2014 it upgraded to a restaurant when you can still see pieces of history. Near the restaurant you can visit Bashtova Castel, a very interesting tourist attraction. Poçeria e Vjetër is constantly supporting local farmers, that’s why you will always find fresh […]
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Devin Agritourism

  • Additional Farm Experience, Devin Agritourism, Puka
Devin Agritourism Farm is located in a two-story villa in Qerret Village. This is one of those places where the visitor can truly have a taste of village life.The second floor of the guesthouse is a warm space used for accommodating guests. Three rooms equipped with two beds and individual bathrooms offer all the necessary […]
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Birjani Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Brijani Farm, Restaurants, Tirana
You can find Birjani Farm in Baldushk village, 18km from Tirana. The farm has a total surface of 8ha, from which 2.5 are vineyards and the rest are planted with olives and fruits such as apples, pomegranates, quinces, plums, cherries, figs etc. 2000 square meters are dedicated only to barns for farm animals. You can […]
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Max Winery

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Leskovik, Max Winery, Winery
A powerful red wine from the Leskovik area! Max Mavrud winery is located in the mountainous area in south-east Albania in Leskovik. Currently the winery produce a type of red wine, a harmonious blend, a combination of red cultivars such as Mavrud and Merlot or Pinot and Merlot. The average load of vineyard varies from […]
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Turtle Farm Albania

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Restaurants, Tirana, Turtle Farm Albania
Turtle Farm Albania, as its name implies focuses on turtle protection and offers a unique experience. The founders of the Farm are the tour guide Erjan Guxha, and the American blogger David Hoffman (David’s been here). Turtle Farm Albania offers agricultural education for children and adults. The idea was conceived of during a tour of […]
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Chestnut Hill

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bajram Curri, Chestnut, Farms, Hill, Kodra e Geshtenjave, Restaurants
Chestnut Hill Hotel is located in Velisht at 1000 metres elevation, 10 kilometres away from Bajram Curri, Tropoja. It height gives it an amazing view over highlands, above the crown of chestnuts. In addition to numerous nearby attractions, we offer recreational and adventure activities such as hiking (including to glacial lakes and peaks over 2000m), […]
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  • Additional Farm Experience, Bonum, Farms, Restaurants, Tirana
The passion of Bonum staff is to offer healthy and delicious products to our customers. The farm is focused on the production of goat milk and goat milk products, with the aim of offering consumers healthy alternatives to other products on the market. Bonum Farm was established in 2015, whereas the Bonum brand was commercialized […]
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Baven-Toven Naturae

  • Additional Farm Experience, Baven-Toven Naturae, Farms, Restaurants, Rubik
Baven-Toven Naturae dates back to 2018, set up with by a young man with lots of passion, who, after finishing his studies in Italy and Spain, decided to return to his country to work. He left his promising professional life behind to be with his mother and grandmother, who lived alone for many years. This […]
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The Barrels – Te Fuçitë Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Gjirokaster, Restaurants, The Barrels Farm
The Barrels Farm is located in the most fertile region of Southern Albania – that of Lunxhëria. Its activity started with the cultivation of grapes 16 years ago with local varieties. It offers traditional Albanian and other organic food, including as wine, raki (similar to grappa), eggs, vinegar, olive oil, vegetables, wild cabbage, fruits, which […]
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Green Hill Agritourism

  • Additional Farm Experience, Berat, Farms, Green Hill Agritourism, Restaurants
Green Hill is located on a new farm, which recently expanded into agritourism during a very difficult period – that of August 2020. The farm is located in the midst of olive groves, with its restaurant in the village of Roshnik just 5 km away from the city of Berat. Its owner is very passionate […]
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Tresa Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Restaurants, Tirana, Tresa Farm
Located in deep in wild, natural surroundings, Tresa Farm’s mission is to serve its guests just as warm as the surrounding environment! It features a vintage style, which meshes well with the other objects, giving it a one-of-a-kind appearance that every visitor will remember. The menu combines traditional and modern cuisine and is cooked only […]
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Miqësia Winery

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Miqesia Winery, Shkoder, Winery
Miqesia Winery (Friendship Winery) is located in Malësia e Madhe, in vicinity of Koplik. The winery uses a combination of traditional and advanced technology to produce wine and brandy. The wines are produced entirely from grapes, which, after being collected from the vineyards, are processed under the aegis of the very experienced oenologist Dr. Enver […]
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Luadhi Çelos Agritourism

  • Additional Farm Experience, Celo, Farms, Luadhi i Çelos Agritourism, Pogradec, Restaurants
Luadhi i Çelos (Çelo’s Meadow) is located on a picturesque hill above Lake Pogradec with 260 hectares of crops, trees, stables and a wonderful climate. This farm welcomes holidaymakers by offering a tour guide and letting them take part in agricultural activities, a walk on the “Luadhi i Çelos” path, or participate in the farm […]
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Loka Agritourism

  • Additional Farm Experience, Kruje, Loka Agritourism
Loka Agritourism is a family business, located in the middle of the gentle hills of Bubq village. The road to get there is very picturesque. Only 40 minutes away from Tirana, you will find yourself in a hilly paradise, with enticing farm architecture and a unique experience. The owners of the farm produce everything there, […]
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