Baven-Toven Naturae


Baven-Toven Naturae dates back to 2018, set up with by a young man with lots of passion, who, after finishing his studies in Italy and Spain, decided to return to his country to work. He left his promising professional life behind to be with his mother and grandmother, who lived alone for many years.

This investment was made possible thanks to the financial contribution of the eldest son of the family who has lived and worked in Italy since the age of 16. The objective is to offer something different from what the area has to offer. Here, in addition to accommodation, visitors have the opportunity to get into nature through hiking or visiting to archaeological, historical and cultural sites. One can visit the “Castle of the Jews”, which dates back in the 6th century, pictograms which are over 5 millennia old, and the Church of Shelbuem from the 12th century, just to mention a few.

Here you will find a unique experience, with preparing homemade food from the garden where visitors engage in food preparation together with the family, with the whole family committed to serve quality food for the guests.

Special care is taken to acquaint visitors with the culture of the country, especially with Northern customs and traditions. We also offer premises where vacationers can camp with their tents or, if necessary, with Baven-Toven Naturae umbrellas. Otherwise, in this picturesque setting between the mountains, you will find five cosy wooden lodges.

For a special experience, come and visit the first Saturday of June, when we organize a climb of Mount Veles, at 1127 meters.

As , the owner, tells us, part of his plans for the future is to organize a chestnut and mushroom Festival, with the hope that this will become a Baven-Toven annual tradition.

If you’re curious what’s behind the name of Baven-Toven Naturae, come and enjoy our hospitality and find out for yourself!




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