Loka Agritourism

Shko te harta



Loka Agritourism is a family business, located in the middle of the gentle hills of Bubq village. The road to get there is very picturesque. Only 40 minutes away from Tirana, you will find yourself in a hilly paradise, with enticing farm architecture and a unique experience. The owners of the farm produce everything there, offering the produce in the restaurant, from vegetables to fruits, cheeses, farm meat, bacon, plum juice, pickles, local pies, good wine and a lot of hospitality and kindness.

It is an ideal place for small family parties where one will enjoy a variety of organic food, family hospitality, scenic nature, hiking on the paths through hills filled with dense forests, at the end of which a surprise awaits you – a spectacular view, which we shall not tell more about here, but which we invite you to come and see it for yourself.

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