Devin Agritourism

Shko te harta

Koman Lake


Devin Agritourism Farm is located in a two-story villa in Qerret Village. This is one of those places where the visitor can truly have a taste of village life.The second floor of the guesthouse is a warm space used for accommodating guests. Three rooms equipped with two beds and individual bathrooms offer all the necessary conditions for a relaxing and comfortable stay. The villa is surrounded by lush greenery which adds to the overall experience of being far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. But, here, you are anything but alone, as the family of Riza and MarijeShkjau will guide you through a variety of activities ranging from embroidering to fruit and vegetable harvesting, from meal preparation to advanced horse riding, and more. A tour of the farm will further familiarize you with the area’s wonderful nature. This place also serves as an ideal departure point to other fantastic destinations like  Koman Lake, Fairies’ Mill , Dalmacia Fortress and Kaurri Cave.

The farm is located 7.5 km from Puka, 60 km from Shkodra and 117 km from the Mother Teresa airport in Tirana.

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