Shko te harta



The passion of Bonum staff is to offer healthy and delicious products to our customers. The farm is focused on the production of goat milk and goat milk products, with the aim of offering consumers healthy alternatives to other products on the market. Bonum Farm was established in 2015, whereas the Bonum brand was commercialized in 2020. During these years we have worked hard to reach a premium standard for all our products. Bonum is one of the largest goat farms in the country, as well as a supplier of goat milk to other Albanian companies. The specialty of the Bonum dairy lays in the production of everything inside the farm, covering the full cycle from goat feed to the final food products. This enables us to control the entire food chain as well as maintain the standard we aim to offer our customers.

At Bonum we are proud to say that you will not only find a farm, but a full agritourism experience: a set of recreational activities centred on goats and their kids. The experience starts from the goat stalls, located in the middle of nature, that everyone will have the opportunity to approach, visit and pet them, as we have taken care that they live in harmony with visitors and the surrounding environment. The experience continues at the playground where human and goat kids can play and interact! If they get along especially well, children will have the possibility to “adopt” a baby goat. They will be given the opportunity to name, nurture, and pamper them, and learn more about them. In addition, in the Bonum experience, adults and children will be able to enjoy a wonderful organic cooking, where everything on your plate is planted and produced on the farm.



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