Xharshë Farm

Shko te harta



Xharshë Farm and Guesthouse is a small family enterprise established back in 2004, with the guesthouse opening in 2016. The farm (with a total area of ​​5,000 m2) is located in Pocesta, in a village northwest of Korça, 7 km away, while the guesthouse is located in Korça. The idea of ​​the farm was generated from the profession of one of its owners (an agronomist) and their desire to find an environment to plant crops suitable to the climate and soil of the area and cover their personal needs. When nature is more generous, they try to sell some products even though the price is not always favourable. The farm consists of fruits, such as apples, the symbol of Korça, cherries, pears, plums, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, peaches, apricots, strawberries, and a vineyard. Seasonal vegetables also occupy an important place on the farm, but are used only for personal use. They are treated, as far as possible, only organically.

After establishing the guesthouse, the owners developed the idea of accompanying visitors to the farm, so that they would have the opportunity to taste village life. After spending a lot of time with them on the farm, the owners thought of offering them a light meal at their venues with traditional cooking (cabbage in a Dutch-style oven) and seasonal produce (self-made fruits, vegetables and wine/brandy). Their next project is to cooperate with travel agencies so that they can offer lunch to visitors at particular venues.

On the hill of the village there is an ancient Illyrian settlement, called Hija e Korbit, where different coins have been found. This lets visitors enjoy some history and a relatively easy walk (2.5 hours and 550 meter elevation gain). Inside the village there is a Bektashi tomb, which visitors to Albania might find interesting.

The owners intend to raise awareness in the community on agricultural work without losing tradition and regarding protecting nature with as little chemical treatment as possible. After toasts with their guests, the hosts will finally sign traditional songs of the area, wrapping it all off with famous Korça serenades.

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