Kantina Vila Hadaj

Shko te harta



Villa Hadaj Winery is located in Malinat, 17 km from the town of Berat, built between the vineyards of the famous area of Malinat. A distinct feature of the winery is that it is located in nature, away from noise and pollution, among vineyards that have flourished since 1970. Built with stone walls, according to tradition, the owners have tried to bring a combine the traditions of their ancestors with today. Also, another feature is the vineyard on the hills near the forest in front of Mount Tomorri, which adds to its charm and makes this area very attractive for visitors who want to get away from noise and closer to nature. The winery offers wine tasting and visits to the vineyards, through a pleasant journey through the hills, accompanied by old vineyard experts from the area.

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