Lisat Farm

Shko te harta



The farm was established in 2013, and raises goats. The main purpose of establishing the farm was to produce organic products such as milk, yogurt, cheeses including kaçkavall and a type of cottage cheese and whey. A distinct feature of the farm is the roasting of the kid goat meat and chicken with a round Dutch-type open oven. The farm also offers various activities for children to learn the steps of healthy eating.
The farm focuses on the raising of small livestock and the production of dairy products. During its journey, the farm, in addition to the production of organic products, began to offer culinary services, turning it into an attraction where good cooking, with organic farm products, can be enjoyed. It is worth mentioning here the good taste of the kid meat roasted in the oven, the chickens cooked according to the traditional recipes of the area, the dairy products with a unique taste, which you will not find anywhere else in Albania, and many other one-of-a-kind experiences. The farm offers various activities for visitors, where one can look closely at cow barns, while little visitors can enjoy watching the milking and feeding of the goats.

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