Oazi Gjelbër

Shko te harta



The farm, characteristic the area, was modest at first. Due to the quality of the products and the food produced, the owners decided to share this experience with other people too, and what could be better than a restaurant to realise this. This is how the Green Oasis was given life in 2014; the name itself was chosen to reflect something very simple related to nature. The farm-to-table approach was and remains the principle of the restaurant. The products served are exclusively grown on the farm (Km 0), or in the surrounding area. The main products are meat from the variety of birds raised on the farm and the daily fresh fish received from local anglers. In addition to food, at “Km 0” customers have various recreational opportunities in hiking, cycling, bird watching, fishing, and canoeing at the Vain Lagoon, the beach and the River Drini, all located very close to the farm.

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