Sali Farm

Shko te harta



Sali’s Farm opened in 2015. The inspiration to open such business came about as a result of some workshops that its owner has attended in agrotourism and as a local guide, in the context of which he trained and traveled across Albania and abroad. As a participant he had was able to exchange experiences on preserving cultural heritage. Thus, he got the idea of opening the business, since the place where he lives (Gostivish) offers the residents with such opportunity. The idea was to promote a series of products that the area offers as organic food, traditional raki and wine, different glikos, unique walnuts, Bedunica honey with honeysuckle, game meat that nature offers in abundance, as well as beans, dried meats, chicken (stuffed) and many other products. The activities that the area offers are hiking, rafting, mountaineering, thermal curative baths, spectacular views, and fresh oxygen in nature. Local festivals that are organized include Summer Day, when a big fair promoting area products and historical values ​​is organised, as well as the Mother Earth Day, where traditional dishes of the area are promoted, and festivals marking the opening of tourist season in Përmet, and so on.

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