Popi Agritourism

Shko te harta

Gjiri Lalëzit


Popi Restaurant was originally land between some hills, inaccessible as there were no roads, just dense forests. Mr Popi made access to the restaurant’s location possible, building the road and putting together a farm with a new concept for Albania. Everything on the farm, starting from the lake, the space dedicated to livestock, and agriculture, were created by the hand of the owner. He knew how to add value to nature without damaging it. At this farm, livestock and agriculture play an important role in what is offered to visitors. Every product served is organic and processed to provide the right nutritional parameters. The food served is traditional Albanian food. Vegetables and fruits are grown on the farm and local farmers are also engaged to provide produce. Since the livestock are raised in the forests, fresh meat such as goat, lamb, beef, pig and wild boar, free range poultry, geese, ducks, rabbits are always on offer, and the meat products provided are controlled and of the best quality possible. Fun activities on the farm include visiting the pens, horseback riding, walking in the woods, boating on the lake, and the opportunity to dive into the lake. A few kilometres from the farm, in the area of Cape Rodon, one can find the historical Skanderbeg’s Castle, and the branch of the Church of Saint Ndoi. As much as can be written about the farm and the quality of the service offered, the feeling one feels in the midst of nature and the taste of the food that will be served to you will be unforgettable. Welcome!

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