Lord Byron

Shko te harta



Lord Byron is spread over an area of ​​18000 m2, with a restaurant seating for 50 inside seating for 100 outside.

It offers 9 rooms, with a capacity of 24 people. Lord Byron also offers outdoor recreation, pool facilities, a riverside beach, and clients can taste numerous garden fruits and vegetables, all of which are organically grown, traditional and local.

Hiking or adventure guides are offered, revealing the extraordinary beauties that nature has bestowed on the area, such as canyons or visits to numerous tourist attractions since the time of Ali Pasha Tepelena. Tepelena is attractive because it has great panorama, located among high mountains of up to 2200 meters, rivers and ancient castles, villages with legendary history, canyons, waterfalls, religious buildings and more. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy adventure tourism, historical, natural, family attractions, as well as to taste the traditional, organic food of the unique area of ​​its kind, especially its dairy or meat products.

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