Agroturizëm Vinea

  • Additional Farm Experience, Agroturizëm Vinea, Durres, Vinea
Argritourism Vinea is a diversified farm originating from the famous cantina of “Cognac Skënderbeu”. This Argritourism was born as a project promoted by Slow Food movement. The Argritourism is surrounded by soft hills and a crown of vineyards of 45 ha composing a wonderful and attracting landscape. The grape is processed in our cantina producing […]
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ACA Albania

  • Aca Albania, Additional Farm Experience, Durres
ACA Albania offers a very special dimension of agro tourism, not in green hills, but near the blue sea. ACA Albania offers fishing. Accommodation is offered on the boat, which has a capacity of 8. Visitors will be entertained fishing and can enjoy their catch on the shores upon anchoring. Tourists here find a unique […]
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Peped’oro Bioresort

  • Additional Farm Experience, Durres, Farms, Pepe Doro, Pepedoro, Pepedoro Bioresort, Restaurants
The agritourism activity starts from the hotel, offering 13 bedrooms and 3 suites, a restaurant, bar, pool and stables and barns with horses, rabbits, peacocks, pheasants, pigeons, calves, goats, sheep and many other birds. Next to the barn is a reservoir where visitors can go canoeing. Nature gives peace of mind that only those who […]
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Hajdar Kuçi Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Durres, Farms, Ferma Hajdar Kuci, Hajdar, Hajdar Kuci, Restaurants
Hajdar Kuçi agritourism is focused on the well-known farm-to-table concept. This farm is located not far from the capital, in the village of Marikaj, between Tirana and Durrës. With a combination of the elements of nature, the farm is indeed an oasis of tranquillity and pleasure. It offers an organic environment, livestock, grape yards, olive […]
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Kantina Duka

  • Additional Farm Experience, Duka, Durres, Farms, Kantina Duka, Restaurants, Winery
Duka Winery was established in 2007 and the whole production cycle takes place here. Duka Winery provides its visitors with many services, such as wine tours, wine tasting, restaurant services, kayaking, fishing and others. The main products of the farm are the wines and traditional dishes of the area. Tourist attractions near the farm include […]
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Pema e Jetës

  • Additional Farm Experience, Durres, Farms, Pema e Jetes, Restaurants
The Tree of Life farm is a family business that was born out the desire to get rid of the stresses and smog of the city and find refuge in pristine nature. Located only 2 km from the national Plepa-Ndroq road, the farm is very easily accessible from Tirana and Durres, at the intersection of […]
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Kodra e Kuajve

  • Agritourism Experience, Durres, Hotels, Kodra, Kodra e Kuajve, Kuajve, Restaurants
It’s clear what the main attraction of Kodra e Kuajve (Horses Hill) is from the name. The restaurant and resort is dominated by a large central riding enclosure, around which the hotel, ground-floor restaurant, horse stables and restaurant’s outdoor sitting areas are arranged. The resort’s history began when Gerti Hima, the horse-loving owner of Kodra […]
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Agroturizëm Huqi

  • Agritourism Experience, Agroturizem Huqi, Durres, Hotels, Huqi, Restaurants
The restaurant of Gezim Huqi could hardly lie in a more idyllic location. Off the main road to Gjiri i Lalzit (Lalzi Bay) and only half an hour from the capital Tirana, it is located right along the shores of a small reservoir, surrounded by terraced hills, and with views all the way to the […]
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Agroturizëm Gjepali

  • Agritourism Experience, Agroturizem Gjepali, Durres, Gjepali, Hotels, Restaurants
The story of the Agriturizem Gjepali started, in the broadest sense, 23 years ago, when Fundim Gjepali, then only 14 years old, left his village and immigrated to Italy in search of a better life. He initially started at the bottom of the restaurant “food chain”, but over the years worked his way up to […]
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