Loka Agritourism

  • Additional Farm Experience, Kruje, Loka Agritourism
Loka Agritourism is a family business, located in the middle of the gentle hills of Bubq village. The road to get there is very picturesque. Only 40 minutes away from Tirana, you will find yourself in a hilly paradise, with enticing farm architecture and a unique experience. The owners of the farm produce everything there, […]
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Kantina Kopliku

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Kantina Kopliku, Kopliku, Kruje, Restaurants, Winery
The winery was built in 2003 and began operation in 2013. The main products are white wine and red wine. It also features a restaurant where guests can relax and have lunch with their families. There are also vineyards nearby where you can learn about grapes and practice harvesting. Kallmet is a common regional grape. […]
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Kantina Korriku

  • Additional Farm Experience, June, Kantina Korriku, Korriku, Kruje, Restaurants, Winery
Korriku Winery is located in Bubqi area, in the district of Kruja, between the triangle of Preza Castle, Kruja Castle and Rodon Cape Castle, local tourist attractions. The winery started producing wine from vineyards of the area, later expanding with a guesthouse traditional constructed to provide food and drinks to visitors. Red wine produced from […]
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Bardhi Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bardhi, Farms, Ferma Bardhi, Kruje, Restaurants
Bardhi Restaurant, established in 1994, is a place where Albanian architecture is given a modern twist. The restaurant is growing day by day and the motto is “continuous improvement.” Thanks to the professional team, Bardhi Farm will make you feel at home. The restaurant is located south west of the castle, just a few steps […]
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