Traditional Guesthouse Përmet

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Traditional Guesthouse in Përmet, is the model of dedication, sacrifice, to realize the dream of revitalizing the first house, as a destination of promoting the historical, cultural, and culinary values of the area with the aim of preserving the hospitable tradition in harmony with nature. The Calmness, splendors view of Vjosa valley, and hospitality are […]
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Camping Peshku

  • Albania, Camping, Camping Peshku, Fish, Guest House, Lake, Lake Ohrid, Lin Village, Ohrid, Peshku, Saint Naum
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Camping Çajupi

  • Cajupi, Camping, Camping Çajupi, Gjirokastra, Guest House, Hiking, River Side, Unesco, Zagori Church
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Albturist EcoCamp

  • Albturist, Albturist EcoCamp, Camping, EcoCamp, Guest House, Hiking, Permet, Rafting Tours, River Side, Vjosa River
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Camping Hoxha

  • Camping, Camping Hoxha, Dibra, Drin River, Guest House, Hiking, Hiking Trails, Hoxha, Mountain, North
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Butterfly Camping

  • Butterfly, Butterfly Camping, Camping, Dibra, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Hiking Trails, Horse Riding, Mountain, North
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Peraj Guesthouse

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Camping, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Hiking Trails, Kelmend, Mountain, North, Peraj, Peraj Guesthouse, Vermosh
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Leonar Lumaj Guesthouse

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Camping, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Hiking Trails, Leonar, Leonar Lumaj, Leonar Lumaj Guesthouse, North
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Lepusha Guesthouse

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Camping, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Hiking Trails, Kelmend, Lepusha, Lepusha Guesthouse, North, Vermosh, Waterfall
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Camping Kale Uka

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Camping Kale Uka, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Hiking Trails, Kale Uka, Mountain, North, Valbona Valley
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Camping Qehaja

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Camping Qehaja, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Hiking Trails, Mountain, North, Qehaja, Theth
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Camping Adora

  • Adora, Albanian alps, Alps, Camping, Camping Adora, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Mountain, North, Shala river, Valbona Valley
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Camping Ded Nika

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Camping, Camping Ded Nika, Ded, Ded Nika, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking Trails, Mountain, Nderlysaj, North, Theth, Theth's Church
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Bujtina Zorgji

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Bujtina Zorgji, Camping, Ethnographic Museum, Guest House, Guesthouse, Mountain, North, Theth, Zorgji
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Logu i Harushave

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Grunasi Waterfall, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Logu i Harushave, Mountain, North, Northen Albania, Theth, Theth's Church
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Eco camping Valbone

  • Albanian alps, Alps, Cycling tours, Eco camping Valbone, Guest House, Guesthouse, Harushave, Hiking tours, Mountain, North, Valbona, Valbona Valley
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Kol Gjoni Guesthouse

  • Alps, Camping, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking tours, Horse Riding, Kol Gjioni, Mountain, North, Valbona Valley, White river
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Park Blini

  • Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Koman, Lumi Shales, North, Park Blini, River, Shala river
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Hani i Lekës

  • Additional Farm Experience, Guest House, Hani i Lekes, Lezhe, Restaurants
Since this farm stay is located in a mountainous area, there is much space for livestock raising. Sheep, pigs and chickens are bred here and allow the farm to offer meat, cheese, eggs, and other products. The main tourist attraction is the Church of Saint Ndou, about 400 years old, and the Franciscan Assembly – […]
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Bujtina Shtini

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bujtina Shtini, Guest House, Peshkopi, Restaurants, Shtini
The guesthouse offers two rooms. In the kitchen traditional dishes of the area are offered, cooked with organic products from the farm. The most characteristic dishes are beans, corn pie, and fli. In addition to the farm, tourists can also visit tourist attractions of the area, such as religious buildings (mosques), Hartina cave. The farm […]
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Ferma Lëpusha

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bajram Curri, Farms, Ferma Lepusha, Guest House, Lepusha
This is a family farm where organic products are produced, offered for consumption in the farm guesthouse. A local product is mishavina. The farm offers 6 rooms and has nearby  tourist attractions. In the village there is have a local festival called Logu i Bjeshkeve.  
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Bujtina Pulaj

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bujtina Pulaj, Farms, Guest House, Pulaj, Shkoder
In its beginnings, this house was started as a residential house, following local architecture. Local rural development, in the form of agricultural and livestock production, fisheries and tourism, in the area where the house is located, depends heavily on the use of natural resources within the Protected Area. The 3B Guesthouse Model (Bed & Breakfast […]
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Bujtina Gjana

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bujtina Gjana, Farms, Gjana, Guest House, Kukes, Restaurants
Gjana Guesthouse is located in Ujmisht, Lume region. It is 22 km from the town of Kukës, along the recently asphalted road connecting Kukës with Dibra. The guesthouse is located at an altitude of about 700 m and from there one is provided with a wide view from where one can see the heights of […]
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Xharshë Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Ferma Xharshe, Guest House, Korce, Restaurants, Xharshe
Xharshë Farm and Guesthouse is a small family enterprise established back in 2004, with the guesthouse opening in 2016. The farm (with a total area of ​​5,000 m2) is located in Pocesta, in a village northwest of Korça, 7 km away, while the guesthouse is located in Korça. The idea of ​​the farm was generated […]
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Zejtaria Agritourism

  • Additional Farm Experience, Cerrik, Guest House, Restaurants, Zejtaria Agritourism
This restaurant serves fresh traditional food. The guesthouse provides rooms overlooking the lake. Activities with boats, such as canoeing and speedboats are also offered. Tourists can visit the nearby farm where the restaurant’s products come from.
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Tre Bujtinat

  • Additional Farm Experience, Elbasan, Guest House, Tre Bujtinat
The Three Guesthouses (Tre Bujtinat), a restaurant and accommodation, are located in Gjinar near Elbasan. They lie at an altitude of 900 meters, between tall pines and fresh air. Relaxing facilities and cooking with fresh farm produce from the area will give you special pleasure. There are many tourist attractions in the area where the […]
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Bujtina Iliri

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bujtina Iliri, Elbasan, Guest House, Iliri
The farm is organised as a guesthouse. It provides accommodation, and food and beverages in the restaurant. Its owners are planning to build 6 to 10 rooms, where it will be possible for local tourists from surrounding cities and foreign tourist alike can relax. It will also have a swimming pool. Any food that will […]
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