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Traditional Guesthouse in Përmet, is the model of dedication, sacrifice, to realize the dream of revitalizing the first house, as a destination of promoting the historical, cultural, and culinary values of the area with the aim of preserving the hospitable tradition in harmony with nature.

The Calmness, splendors view of Vjosa valley, and hospitality are three sacred moments that you can experience only in the courtyard of this house, Cultural Monument of the First Category, built in 1900. At the entrance of the village awaits you one of the owners of the house, Shpetimi the faithful dog, and then in the yard Kristaqi with the Lady of the house, this to make you feel like you are at your grandparent’s home.

A very different house of this province, 7 rooms with 30 windows, with an entrance gate with the height of 2.5 meters long, which was hit during the war and did not break down. Inside you will find a mini-museum, private collection with over 2000 annual objects which can be visited by tourists. And farther more there are two secret exits to escape to the hill, a maze is left for you to discover.

The welcome begins with the gliko of the walnut, the queen of glycogen, which conveys a message “that everyone who comes here should have a sweet mouth.” There you will find over 100 species of trees, typical cultivars of the area, the production of which is consumed fresh by visitors, and another part is processed into gliko, jam, etc.

The house has a barn with three compartments, where cereals, winter crops, wine and food consumed by family and tourists are stored, which proves how important is the authentic food that is with all love by the hands of the house.

All the income that comes from tourism, is invested in the maintenance and restoration of the house. The owner of the house Kristaqi, with a construction profession, says: “I enjoy the construction as food after I finish I enjoy seeing it”, so here you will find a real gentleman, the tweet of the most magnificent house in Bual village, Permet city.

So, if you are looking for a time travel, with history, legends, tradition, cuisine, is the right place to escape!

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