Butterfly Camping

  • Butterfly, Butterfly Camping, Camping, Dibra, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking, Hiking Trails, Horse Riding, Mountain, North
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Kol Gjoni Guesthouse

  • Alps, Camping, Guest House, Guesthouse, Hiking tours, Horse Riding, Kol Gjioni, Mountain, North, Valbona Valley, White river
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Bujtina Musaja

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bujtina Musaja, Farms, Horse Riding, Kukes, Musaja
This is small cow farm, producing dairy and other organic food products for the guesthouse. It is an old restore house turned into a guesthouse, allowing tourists to experience real village life. The guesthouse is located in the Korab–Koritnik National Park, an attraction of extraordinary natural beauty. Here cattle are raised; the local beef is […]
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Farma Sotira

  • Agritourism Experience, Farma Sotira, Horse Riding, Hotels, Leskovik, Restaurants, Sotira
If you’re looking to get away from city life as far as possible, Farma Sotira is the place for you. The epitome of remoteness, this farm lies far from urban bustle in the south-eastern county of Kolonja, at 1000m of elevation, close to the Greek border. Anyone travelling from Permet to Korca will inevitably pass […]
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