Grand Albanik Farm

Shko te harta



The Grand Albanik Farm offers agro and eco-tourist activities and has been operating in the Deshnica Valley in Këlcyrë, Gjirokastra County, for more than 3 years. The farm applies the principles of permaculture in horticulture and protects and enriches biodiversity. On the farm, there is a bar and restaurant that mainly offer traditional cuisine of the area as well as French specialties, but general products are from the farm or nearby farming families. With three family rooms with a capacity of 4, 5 and 6 beds, Grand Albanik Farm can accommodate 15 people. Inside the farm there is also an organic boutique where you can buy culinary and other traditional products. Activities that tourists can enjoy when visiting the farm are hiking, yoga, cycling, horseback riding, camping and outdoor picnics, beaches on the rivers and lakes around the farm, fishing, canoeing, a cooking course, acquaintance with the wild flora, gardening, and more. Grand Albanik Farm, in cooperation with the ISO centre also organizes the KAZAN FEST. In the first weekend of October, many local producers and visitors from all over Albania gather to celebrate, enjoy and trade, under the sounds of traditional and modern Albanian music.

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