Bujtina Shtini

  • Additional Farm Experience, Bujtina Shtini, Guest House, Peshkopi, Restaurants, Shtini
The guesthouse offers two rooms. In the kitchen traditional dishes of the area are offered, cooked with organic products from the farm. The most characteristic dishes are beans, corn pie, and fli. In addition to the farm, tourists can also visit tourist attractions of the area, such as religious buildings (mosques), Hartina cave. The farm […]
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Oxhaku i Doçit

  • Additional Farm Experience, Docit, Farms, Oxhaku i Doçit, Peshkopi, Restaurants
The guesthouse is located in the Lura field (old Lure) and has been operating for 4 years, offering three rooms. Food for visitors is also on offer, all three meals with a hearty Albanian breakfast. Characteristic is the cultivation of trout, and seasonal and dried wild fruits. Hiking guide services can be provided and from […]
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Agritourism Nëna Dashuri

  • Agritourism Experience, Agroturizem Zerja, Hotels, Peshkopi, Restaurants, Zerja
The region of Dibra, at the border with North Macedonia, is often overlooked by tourists and travellers. While it’s somewhat tucked away in the northwest of the country, far from Albania’s more well-known tourism destinations and still more difficult to access by road, the area has a lot to offer to the adventurous visitor. Rich […]
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