Rambuje Resort

  • Additional Farm Experience, Lezhe, Rambuje Resort
Situated in Ishull-Lezhë, 1.5 km from Kune Beach, Hotel Rambuje features accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool and a bar. Boasting family rooms, this property also provides guests with a children’s playground. The accommodation provides room service, a kids’ club and all rooms are fitted with air conditioning, a […]
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Kantina Kallmeti

  • Additional Farm Experience, Kallmet, Kantina Kallmeti, Lezhe, Restaurants, Winery
The winery is located in the village of Kallmet, 11 km north of the town of Lezha, 18 km from the coast of Shëngjin and 55 km from Tirana. The winery can be visited every day of the week by visitors and organized groups, from 9:00 to 18:00. Organized groups must provide at least 2 […]
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Hani i Lekës

  • Additional Farm Experience, Guest House, Hani i Lekes, Lezhe, Restaurants
Since this farm stay is located in a mountainous area, there is much space for livestock raising. Sheep, pigs and chickens are bred here and allow the farm to offer meat, cheese, eggs, and other products. The main tourist attraction is the Church of Saint Ndou, about 400 years old, and the Franciscan Assembly – […]
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Oazi Fishtë

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Fishte, Lezhe, Oazi Fishte, Restaurants
Traditional cooking, with village products! This farm offers many of the most beautiful attractions nature has blessed us with. The kitchen offers a variety of dishes which have been passed down through generations and are authentic to the area, in particular, wild duck and cabbage with pumpkin. In addition to the natural surroundings, the main […]
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Oazi Gjelbër

  • Additional Farm Experience, Gjelber, Lezhe, Oazi Gjelber
The farm, characteristic the area, was modest at first. Due to the quality of the products and the food produced, the owners decided to share this experience with other people too, and what could be better than a restaurant to realise this. This is how the Green Oasis was given life in 2014; the name […]
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Hylli i Dritës

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Hylli i Drites, Lezhe, Restaurants
The owner’s idea to invest in Albania and in their ancestors’ land was the first stimulus for setting up a simple restaurant with fresh local products. Later on, setting up the farm came as a result of a high demand for products from the Zadrima area, which are very rich, tasty and healthy. Favourites are […]
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Mrizi i Zanave

  • Agritourism Experience, Farms, Hotels, Lezhe, Mrizi i Zanave, Restaurants
No compilation of Albanian agritourism farms would be complete without mentioning Mrizi i Zanave. The poster child of Albanian agritourism is the brainchild of chef Altin Prenga, who established the restaurant and adjacent farm in the village of Fishta in northern Albania. Altin, together with his brother Anton, emigrated to Italy as a teenager in […]
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