House of Horses

  • Horses, Horsing, House, House of Horses, Korca, Korce, turan
“House of Horses” is a horse breeding family farm that hosts tourists. The farm has 30 horses, of different breeds such as Angloarab, Apaluza, Lipizzaner, pure English breed, and others. Hilmi is a young man, passionate about horses, with 15 years of experience as a trainer and equestrian champion in Greece. He returned from emigration, […]
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Morava Farm

  • Korce, Morava, Morava Farm
Morava Farm happens to be in the heart of nature with a perfect location, 6 km away from main city Korca, near another touristic Voskopoja & Dardha and only 15km away from Prespa Lake. The perfect getaway to be in the arms of nature and forget all the city noise. The farm has a 30-year […]
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Sofra Kolonjare

  • Erseke, Kolonjare, kolonje, Korce, Sofra, Sofra Kolonjare
Sofra Kolonjare operates in the agritourism market since 2011 with a capacity of 7 family rooms and 35 dining tables located indoors and outdoors. The cuisine has a variety of traditional livestock products from Gramoz mountain such as meat and dairy. Sofra Kolonjare offers the opportunity for camping with a capacity of 15 posts for […]
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Xharshë Farm

  • Additional Farm Experience, Farms, Ferma Xharshe, Guest House, Korce, Restaurants, Xharshe
Xharshë Farm and Guesthouse is a small family enterprise established back in 2004, with the guesthouse opening in 2016. The farm (with a total area of ​​5,000 m2) is located in Pocesta, in a village northwest of Korça, 7 km away, while the guesthouse is located in Korça. The idea of ​​the farm was generated […]
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Taverna Xhufka

  • Agritourism Experience, Farms, Korce, Restaurants, Taverna Xhufka, Xhufka
Visiting Taverna Xhufka in rural Korca County feels like a fresh breath of air. A small side road leading to the village of Boboshtica takes you up to the foothills of the Morava mountain range, part of the Fir of Drenova National Park (Parku Kombëtar Bredhi i Drenovës). Especially in the height of summer, when […]
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