Morava Farm

Shko te harta


Morava Farm happens to be in the heart of nature with a perfect location, 6 km away from main city Korca, near another touristic Voskopoja & Dardha and only 15km away from Prespa Lake. The perfect getaway to be in the arms of nature and forget all the city noise. The farm has a 30-year history where passion and dedication towards bees is the root of everything they do. During your visit here you will get to know the bee, how it lives in the wild and its wonders. If you are passionate about history, it’s a great opportunity to travel back in time through their museum of bees, where you can learn how and with what beekeepers used to take care of the bee in ancient times. Would you like to try some of our products? Say no more, you can try anything you want from different types of honey, our traditional drink raki with honey to propolis. It’s an honor for us to show you our pride and glory (right after the bees), our products. How about to be a part of the team for a day? You can! If you would like to of course, you can assist us in different jobs as in; honey harvest during summertime, packing process etc. Sharing is important to us, we are constantly learning, therefore, we have scheduled a meeting where we can share experiences from all around the world and discuss our main topic ‘’The Bees’’. Grab your bag and all the love for nature, your visit will be a rollercoaster full of adventures.

*sadly, we do not offer accommodation yet, so please be prepared.

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