How to get certified

Certification criteria

The definition of what constitutes a farm under the concept of agritourism is stated in the Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 22, from 12.01.2018, and its amendments from 05.10.2018 and 02.08.2019. Subjects who would like to be considered for certification have to provide:

  • Agricultural activity, evidenced by either a farm, with a minimum of one hectare of agricultural cultivation OR engagement in animal husbandry with at least 10 cattle OR 100 sheep/goats OR 200 poultry, OR be engaged in the processing of agricultural products, i.e. a dairy, wine making, olive oil production, etc. z
  • Accommodation for clients in 6-30 rooms.
  • Food and drinks, in a facility with 6-60 tables. The provided food must be at least 30% sourced from the farm itself, and at least an additional 40% from the area (municipality boundaries).
  • Educational or recreational activities related to the farm and farm surroundings.


Fiscal facilities for subjects certified as Agritourism include an exclusion from infrastructure tax for new structures, VAT at 6% for the accommodation service and a profit tax capped at 5% for structures to be certified until 2021.

Certification process

The application is submitted at the Ministry of Tourism, and includes the following documentation:

  • Proof of the fulfilment of the criteria listed above
  • ID card of the applicant
  • Certificate of ownership of the property where the business activity

takes place, or, where applicable, rental contracts

  • Declaration of plantations and cultivations, supplemented by photographs, photographs of the guesthouse and rooms from inside and outside, as well as photographs of the restaurant
  • Business plan with plans and financial forecast for the coming 5 years
  • Copy of the farm registration
  • Application fee.

A full list of requirements, application documents and procedures (in Albanian language) is available at

The approval or refusal of the application is decided by a commission of five members, three of which are appointed by the Ministry of Tourism and two of which are appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, within 50 days of submission. Upon approval, the certificate, which is valid for 5 years, can be obtained from the Ministry of Tourism.



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Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

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