House of Horses

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Horsing, Food and Drink , Accommodation, Relaxing, Educative activities in the farm

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Turan, Korçë


Tel: +355694707888

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“House of Horses” is a horse breeding family farm that hosts tourists. The farm has 30 horses, of different breeds such as Angloarab, Apaluza, Lipizzaner, pure English breed, and others.

Hilmi is a young man, passionate about horses, with 15 years of experience as a trainer and equestrian champion in Greece. He returned from emigration, where together with his wife and brother, opened the farm of his dreams. He and his family have invested all their savings to have their own farm “House of Horses “.

It started as a dream, with the hope of turning it into a lifestyle, education center for generations, entertainment, but also as an important tourist spot for riders from all over the world.

The specialized outdoor riding guide is the authenticity of the farm. Packages in groups and individuals, with challenging and simple interiors depending on the choice of the client, combined with local experience and natural attractions that the area offers. It also offers training and special training for people with disabilities.

Horseback riding is offered on the farm on genuine tracks. Meanwhile, pony races are offered for kids, in the presence of the farm instructor.

Today the farm has become an education center where it offers courses for different age groups of equestrianism, various concepts of education on horses, for example, the concept “Adopt a Horse”.

“House of Horses” offers restaurant service with authentic products of the area, such as lakrori në saç, kërnacka, petulla të fshira, petanik me fasule, tavë me fasule dhe pllaqi, petullushka and so forth. Products are ensured through close cooperation with local farmers, who provide authentic Albanian products such as wine, boboshtica raki, dairy, cereals, meat products, fruits, vegetables, etc.

To experience the real farm, here you will also find the accommodation service.

At “House of Horses” you will always find the doors open to all equestrian enthusiasts!

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